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A non-social network for matters of consequence

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Real-time Information

Easily interact with nearby events. Understand how to engage or avoid scenarios as is appropriate.

Custom Notifications

You create your own notification settings, from geo-based, specific locations, family members, etc. its up to you.

Community Groups

Branded options available for organizations such as social justice groups, schools, community watch teams and more. The OVR™ platform provides a great value add for your existing sponsors as well!

Video Back Up

All video is stored in our secure cloud and never on your local device- no more worrying about data or evidence loss due to physical tampering!

First Responders

OVRwatch™ incorporates traditional first responder networks such as 911, Fire Departments, Hospitals and Police forces. We provide valuable real-time information to

Community Responders

Worried about walking to your car late at night. Something suspicious happening next door? You see someone being bullied or harassed. Easily create an event and notify all nearby community members. OVRwatch™ provides a pro-active deterrence method through visibility and transparency.

White-label & Branded Options

If you have an active and engaged community group, we would love to work with you! The OVR™ platform not only provides a truly functional solution for your members, but can also be used as a powerful platform for your existing sponsors.

Social Justice Platform

The OVR™ platform turn all engaged citizens into “crowd-sourced body cameras”. With no fear of video being lost or destroyed, the inherent visibility of the network provides a powerful means of prevention. Contact us today to learn more!

Community Organizations

If you have a religious based organization looking for a powerful platform for awareness, community involvement and assistance, contact us today! We also can help with your fundraising, tithing and sponsorships. Lets talk!

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